Tork Xpress® Universal Z-fold Hand Towels

Meet basic hand drying needs with Tork Xpress® Soft Universal interlayer hand dryers, providing a good return on investment. Compatible with Tork Xpress® dispensers, these hand towels are suitable for medium-sized washrooms. Designed for small spaces, they can offer guests comfort and hygiene at the same time.
  • Eye-catching Tork leaf pattern, designed to make a great impression
  • Towels for basic needs at an affordable price
  • Single dispensing for reduced consumption and greater hygiene

PACKAGING MADE WITH at least 30% recycled plasticsTork Easy Handling® plastic packaging to facilitate transport and disposal of packaging Tork Easy Handling ™ plastic bag to facilitate transport, opening and disposal of packagingSE / 004/001 EU Ecolabel22LD00113_01 Food contact approved certified by a third partySA-COC-008266 FSC MIX

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The product is made with:

Pulp of virgin cellulose

Packaging materials are made of paper or plastic.


Virgin fibers

Currently, different methods are used for whitening: ECF (without elemental chlorine, but with the use of chlorine dioxide) and TCF (completely without chlorine, with the use of ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide).

Virgin pulp fibers are obtained from soft or hard woods. The wood is subjected to chemical and / or mechanical processing processes to separate the cellulose fibers and remove lignin and other residues.

Bleaching is the process during which the fibers are cleaned, not only to make the wood pulp brighter, but also to achieve the degree of purity of the fibers required for hygiene products and, in some cases, to satisfy the safety requirements necessary for food contact.

Chemical substances

All chemicals (process aids and additives) are subjected to evaluation for product safety and their impact on the environment, health and safety at work.

To check the performance of the products we use the following additives:


  • Wet strength agents (for cloths and towels)
  • Dry strength agents (used in conjunction with mechanical treatment of wood pulp to make durable products such as cloths)
  • Dyes and fixing agents for colored paper (to ensure perfect color retention)
  • Inks (pigments with carriers and fixatives) for printed products
  • Water-soluble glue to guarantee the integrity of multi-layer products


In most of our paper mills we do not add optical brighteners.

No fabric softeners are used in professional hygiene products.

The high quality of the products is guaranteed by efficient hygiene and quality management systems from production, to storage, to transport.

To ensure consistent quality across processes and products, the paper production cycle is supported by the following chemical / process adjuvants:


  • defoamers (surfactants and dispersing agents)
  • pH regulators (sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid)
  • retention aids (chemicals capable of promoting agglomeration of the smallest fibers to prevent dispersion)
  • chemical coatings (aimed at controlling the creping of the paper making it softer and more absorbent)


For the reconditioning we use:


  • Adjuvants for conversion into wood pulp (chemicals capable of contributing to the transformation of water-resistant paper into wood pulp)


For the purification of our wastewater we use flocculating agents and nutrients for biological treatment, in order to ensure that there is no negative impact on the quality of the water by our plants.

Food contact

This product meets the legislative requirements for materials intended for contact with food, as confirmed by external certification of third parties. The product is considered safe for cleaning and drying surfaces intended for food contact and may occasionally come into contact with food for short periods of time.

Environmental certification

This product has obtained the EU Ecolabel certification with the certificate number SE / 004/001.

This product has obtained FSC® certification with the certificate number SA-COC-008266.


Compliance with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62 / EC): Yes

Date of creation and last revision of the article

Issue Date : 19-04-2019
Revision Date: 08-07-2022


This item is produced in the ALTOPASCIO, IT plant and is certified on the basis of what is confirmed in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems), CoC-PEFC, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and FSC Chain-Of-Custody.


This product is mostly used for personal hygiene and can be disposed of with household waste.

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