Tork Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser

The Tork Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser in Elevation Design fits into any size washroom and can be used with a wide range of Tork skincare products in sealed bottles. It is easy to use and provides excellent hygiene. Elevation dispensers have a functional and modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests.
  • <strong>For all:</strong> Proven easy-to-use design by third-party certificate* – promotes good hand hygiene for all users, even children and the elderly
  • Helps secure good hygiene: Factory-sealed bottle with a new pump for every refill helps reduce risk of contamination and protect the formulations all the way to the user.
  • Reduce time for cleaning staff: Certified effortless refilling * in less than 10 sec **
Easy-to-Use (SRA) Make hygiene accessible to all: many Tork Hygiene Systems are certified "Easy to use" by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.
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