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Office Depot Brown Paper 70 g / m² 750 mm

Do not allow delicate goods to break

Office Depot’s wrapping paper offers you the solution to give your goods extra protection when they are dispatched. It is already pre-cut in sheets.

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This brown wrapping paper from Office Depot is ideal if you have to send sensitive goods. It consists of kraft paper with a grammage of 70 g / m² and is already cut to the format (W x H) 75 x 100 cm. You can crumple the paper to fill empty spaces in packages.

The Office Depot wrapping paper can be used not only as a filler material, but also as an intermediate layer, if you want to e.g. B. want to transport high quality images. Avoid scratching or breaking sensitive surfaces with this wrapping paper. It is particularly recommended for mail order business, but is also suitable in any case if parcels are sent more frequently than average.

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