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Freestanding Table Top Easel 600 x 50cm White 20 Sheets

The 608 x 504 mm flipchart pad by Office Depot to help you and your colleagues explain and theorize ideas and projects to many at a time.

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The tool to compliment your presentations and projects. Office Depot’s table top flipchart will visually aid your team meetings and projects by providing an interactive surface that both you and your colleagues can use to better illustrate ideas, thoughts and processes. Abandon the old passive methods in favour of one that will allow you to actively participate.

The Autocollant table top flipchart meeting pad comes with a total of 20 sheets, measuring 604 mm in height and 508 in width. Sheets come in a bright white colour and feature a paper weight of 70 gsm. The plain ruling means you have completely blank sheets, lacking any sort of pre-prints that might get in the way or prove to be a distraction.

This flipchart pad is FSC® certified.

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