Shredder Intimus 120 SC2 5,8 mm
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Shredder Intimus 120 SC2 5,8 mm

The multi-functional shredder destroys paper, cds, dvds, floppy disks, staples, paper clips and credit cards. Integrated Auto Reverse Function for easy removal of jammed paper. User friendly thanks to i-control® function control

  • Dustproof enclosed cabinet
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible use
  • Material: shock resistant plastic, wood

Intimus 120 SC2 5.8 Strip Cut Shredder is a top of the class document shredder built for large office departments. This shredder has been equipped by Martin Yale with state of the art technology and supreme quality components for an exceptional user experience. Its specifications include a shredding capacity of 38 and shredding speed of 27 feet/min. To complement these is its 12.2” wide feed throat that is highly demandable in an office shredder. Users can shred paper sizes up to A3, which is larger than all officially used sizes. Its robust shredding unit can effortlessly shred materials like floppy disks, credit cards, and optical disks. Moreover, it shreds them to 1/4” wide strips which makes it compliant with P-2 security standard. A range of intuitive technologies are integrated in 120 SC2 for ease of use and usability. With this strip cut shredder in the office, users need not worry about performing tasks manually. It automatically starts/stops when paper is fed into it and also automatically clears jams by reversing the motor when a jam occurs. The user friendly i-Control element reduces shredding to a few buttons, saving users’ time. The Dynamic Load Sensor incorporated in it constantly informs users about the load the shredding unit is being subjected to so overloading and jams can be avoided. A number of illuminated indicators are placed on the front so users can conveniently monitor the performance and status of the Intimus 120 SC. There are indicators for standby, basket full, door open, and paper jam. In addition to these features, it is remarkably energy-efficient owing to the EcoLogic function installed in it. The waste compartment is divided into two parts, one for paper shreds and the other for non-paper waste. Intimus 120 SC2 – 5.8 Strip Cut Shredder is definitely one of the best the market has to offer and a good fit in high-end organizations.


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